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Volcanic Clay Coffee Slimming Soap Bar, Skin Scrub Exfoliation Whitening Body Clear Refreshing

Volcanic Clay Coffee Slimming Soap Bar, Skin Scrub Exfoliation Whitening Body Clear Refreshing

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For reducing subcutaneous fat, Volcanic Clay Coffee Slimming Soap Bar stimulates thermogenesis and lipid metabolism for slimming & toning effects. It has tightening and smoothing effect to sagging skin and in the areas with fat concentration (the abdomen, hips, thighs and inner arms). A proven stimulant with powerful Lipolytic Effect. Increases blood circulation, helps for disposal of fat and water from the body, stimulates oxygen penetration in the skin for a glowing & smooth complexion. Reduces cellulite, acne skin, & blemishes. Composed of Sodium bentonite which removes impurities & tightens skin.


  • DEEP CLEANING: Volcanic mud has a strong sebum absorption capacity, which can deeply remove the oil on the skin and make the skin fresh and clean.
  • WEIGHT LOSS: Caffeine extract and volcanic rock can increase blood circulation, stimulate your metabolism, make you lose weight faster and regulate your body.
  • SMOOTH AND DELICATE: Penetrate deep into the skin tissue, nourish the skin, and promote smooth and delicate skin. Promote skin firmness and fineness, and shape sexy body curves.
  • PREVENT SKIN SAGGING: Provide deep skin tissue nutrition, promote skin smoothness and prevent sagging, especially in areas where fat is concentrated.
  • NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Contains proven natural ingredients and fruity extracts. Made on the basis of natural fruit extracts, it does not contain bleaching agents or harmful ingredients and is 100% safe for your skin.


- Visibly reduces in stubborn fats & cellulite.
- Tightens & firms sagging skin.
- Boosts oxygen penetration & circulation for accelerated fat disposal.
- Deep pore cleansing to clear acne & blemishes.
- Fades dark spots & acne scars.

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