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Multi-function Hair Gel Nano Steam Gun Hair, Sprayer Moisturizer

Multi-function Hair Gel Nano Steam Gun Hair, Sprayer Moisturizer

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This steam design uses nano-atomization technology, which penetrates the skin 10 times more effectively to improve cell vitality for a healthier looking younger-looking complexion. Let the hair roots fully absorb and solve the hair dryness, suitable for hair coloring, hair care, and face moisturizing. As a moisturizer for the skin, it can make the liquid inside the water in nano-scale fog, which is easier to absorb from the skin, Keep the skin, damp hair at any time in any place; For the extension of the eyes, it is also perfect amount of fog to help polymerize the adhesive during the application of individual eyelash extensions. Small body for your convenience to use anywhere as a living room, bathroom or bedroom. The ergonomic design of the handle offers a feeling of comfort.


  • Compact And Portable: The compact body allows you to feel comfortable with the ergonomic design of the handle anywhere, Easy to carry, can be used in homes and beauty salons.
  • This Product Uses High-quality Nano-dispersion: rapid fogging, large fog volume, can make the hair hydrated and shiny quickly, put the disinfectant in a volumetric flask, can also be used for disinfection and sterilization, safe and effective.
  • Independent Water Tank: With 260ml large capacity water tank, a tank of water can last 15-20 minutes, time saving. Made of quality PA plastic material, durable to use. 0.26 fine vapor fog molecules can reach the hair root, allowing the hair root to receive nutrients.
  • Application Principle And Function Description: The supercharged multi-stage heat exchange tank type steam generating device utilizes a principle of generating more than 1 atmosphere of superheated steam to superheat liquid water from saturated steam into a single water molecule.
  • Wide Used: This vapor design uses nano-atomization technology to effectively penetrate the skin 10 times, improve cell vitality, make skin healthier and look younger. It can dilute the disinfectant and spray the liquid with nano gun, which can play the role of high temperature sterilization.
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