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Portable Charging Massager Mini Massage Stickers Physiotherapy Instrument

Portable Charging Massager Mini Massage Stickers Physiotherapy Instrument

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Micro-electric pulse massage relieve muscle discomfort, stimulate neuromuscular and cell, activate muscle vitality. Made of artificial leather fabric, soft, skin-friendly and comfortable to use. Advanced TENS pulse massage technology is adopted to reduce the muscle unease and fatigue, relieve the nerves and restore the body vitality quickly. Pocket design, easily relax your exhausted body anytime and anywhere.

1. installation
Combine the electrode piece with the main body through the button
2. Paste
Remove the protective sheet of the electrode sheet and attach it to the part that needs massage.
3. Boot and strengthen button
Press the + button to turn it on, press the + massager again to start working, choose the best suit for you.
4. Adjustment mode
Press the M key to switch between different massage actions, switch the post-mode strength to zero, and re-adjust the intensity
5. Shutdown and weakening button
Press "" to weaken, press it down to turn off or press and hold for 3 seconds to turn off.

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